Despite hundreds of realty developers engaged in the construction of houses, the increasing demands of living units to the tune of 24/26 million in the country can hardly be fulfilled in some near future. As the Indian economy surges ahead, this has resulted into enhancement of middle class which clamors to lead a modern life style besides wanting to have their own dwelling places.

To cater to the need of houses for this ever increasing number of youths, builders have stepped up their construction activities. As every house seeker can hardly offer Rs. 60/65 lakhs in cash, banks role in providing a feedback to the aspirants by offering loans to the extent of 80/85 percent of the paid up amount becomes very urgent. Then comes the ever increasing rate of interest that pinches the consumer most. The EMI increases with the increase of interest. Anyhow, the pay package of a large number of youths of both husband and wife gets inflated every year.

“What is more pertinent for ensuring that the EMI goes regularly to the banks, insuring the home loan has become most urgent. By paying a small amount of premium for a house loan insurance policy, it provides the family with much needed financial cover besides peace of mind,” said Parveen Jain, the young and dynamic builder. Thus the family members, free from any future displacement on the demise of the head of the family, as the Insurance Company would pay the whole of the remaining financial balance.

“I shall share with you some of these pleasantries so that memories be kept alive in morning & evening.”

With all these pleasantries in mind, you can put your hands on the township being built by Parveen Jain in Sec-70/69 in Gurgaon.” The realty sector had to face some chinks and slow-down, the impact on India realty sector became urgent, during 2009-10 due to global slow-down. However, Tulip Infratech remained immune from its bad impact and expectedly received buyers supports,” observed P. Jain, adding, as of now, ridding on the robust support base of end-users, investors and realtors, Tulip Group has taken a leap forward in initiated several new projects in Gurgaon.

Emerging as a major magnet of the area, after DLF, Ansal or Unitech area in Gurgaon, Tulip has seiged of the opportunity to put its hands on a large chunk of the area and already its construction of these projects has gone up to 9/10 floors.

With 80 mts road connecting the projects and proposed metro rail connectivity, the Tulip Group site is 7 kmts away from Rajiv Chowk, NH-8. The inbuilt facilities such as parking space, Gym, Community Center, 24X7, school within the complex, jogging corridor, etc. would provide incomparable source to feel the better life style.

The modular kitchen with Chimeney, internal flooring with vitrified tiles, modernized street lights and wide roads, water supply for 24X7 hrs. under-ground sewerage system, boundary wall and entry check post round the clock, greenery all around, earthquake resistance system, etc. would provide a luxurious living co-orditions to the residents.

“Following Haryana govt. policies to earmark at last 15 percent of houses to BCs and poor families, we have given 111 flats to economic weaker sections (EWS) in Tulip Grands, Sonepat and 600 flats for EWS in our 69/70 sectors in the integrated part of our projects,” said P. Jain

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