Tulip Petals


Tulip Petals represents the wishful thinking of an individual and imbibes all those ideas and concepts that runs into the mind while he/she thinks about a perfect home. Tulip Infratech has materialized the creative fantasies of all like-minded people who always thought of a home, rather than owning a house. The homes, from one of the leading real estate developers, quite accurately meet the expectations of people.

They present an abode where one can satisfy his material and creative pursuits with ease and comfort for the entire lifetime. To say otherwise, they represent one-time investment that guarantees fulfillment and elation forever not only for you, but for the entire family. The homes have designed caterinpetalg to every specific need, whether, big or small.

Apart from providing the regular features of premium apartments, Tulip Petals Homes provide various facilities for doing recreational activities. They accommodate Health Club, Gym, Swimming Pool and a Central Park which acts a main attraction as it can be used by children to play, youngsters to job and oldies to relax and meditate.

The overall appearance of the place as well as the interior specifications of a house can leave you astonished and feel jealous of those who have become the proud owners.

We always keep faith in God & to create a culture of harmony and keep you connected to the almighty, recently we inaugurated a temple at the location of Tulip Petals. Click Here to know more

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