A young entrepreneurs, full of holistic passion, is driven b charting out new avenues of business and trades in countries still remained untapped by global big economics. New- Zealand, a small Island with only 1.4 million residents has attracted Parveen Jain, a young and dedicated CMD of Tulip Infratech, a celebrity name in Real Estate in India. Mr. Jain’s brief sojourn to the Island Nation recently was a mix of an excursion and to invent business opportunities in the Island country.

Mr. Jain’s stay in the country proved a blessing in disguise as he not only had an opportunity to find out a large number of Indians living there. He was thrilled to find an Indian who was got elected as a member of Parliament of a ruling ‘National’ party. Thus, he as a representative of Indians, Take care of the interest of local Indians in New Zealand.

As New Zealand still remained undeveloped, the political leadership long for inviting foreigners to establish their facilities with substantial investments. The country’s economy is based on tourism potentialities and forests exploitation. There natural wealth which accrue them much financial earnings from the forest. Traders from other countries purchase the areas full of trees, cut them and transport them to their countries. “Chinese Nationals are the beneficiaries who uproot trees in large areas and send them to their countries” disclosed P. Jain.

However, Mr. Jain could hardly believe that people of New Zealand work for few hours as compared to those of other countries. Consequently, laborers of foreign countries are migrated to the country by the entrepreneurs to finish the uprooting of the trees as much as they desire will in time which is fixed as one month. Sometimes the new modern machines are also deported to the country to get maximum woods to be taken to their countries.

Mr. Jain also was lucky to have participated in a seminar organized at Dakland, a developed city of the country. Its deliberation remained focused on dissemination of information of vast opportunities available in the country to explore. It was also attended by a Minister of the National govt. who urged the gathering including P. Jain to explore business opportunities being offered by the govt. “Eighty percent of the forest productions i.e. trees are exported to various countries. Indians can tape this opportunities as we find woods are getting more and more heavily priced back home. As a developer, I feel dismay over the cost of woods, if that is reduced a bit cheaper, the cost of flats naturally come down,” said P. Jain.

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