The Indian Reality market has witnessed many rise and fall during the past some time. Its phase of boom period converted the property beyond “Aam Admi’s” aspirations and meager resources. But than the meltdown of global economy since 2008 badly impacted the reality sector and it has to face a slum creating a down ward sentiments in the market. The sector has to face a tough time when investors and buyers both deserted the market.

As of now, the global economy has begun to display its resilience to realize the lost ground. Its recovery phase has been hailed as a good omen for the Indian economy which has warded off itselfs from its adverse effects and keep advancing with 7/8 percent GDP growth even during the phase when strong economics such as US, UK, Germany, Japan etc were feeling the heat.

With the emergence of strong sentiments in the Reality Market, once again, the sector is seen realizing the 2nd version of Reality boom taking a precise shape. If we go by the response, the Tulip Infratech Ltd. has received in the market for launching of its two more projects in Gurgaon namely Tulip White, and Tulip Ivory in sectors 69 & 70 respectively. Reality Sector has completely recovered from the slackness it got pushed into sometime back. The booking for the homes & flats to the tune of 65 to 70 percent in the first week of their launching, eloquently displaying its favourable trends in the coming period.

As there has been social responsibility, the main theme under which Tulip Infratech works, the project, Tulip white has deeply been devoted to the middle class segment which is growing by the day. The price tag of the Tulip White houses bears to the budget of the middle classes. Each unit of three bedrooms measuring 1325 Sq.ft. with Rs. 3,000 per Sq.ft. with a rebate of Rs. 100 Sq.ft. and that too on Sohna Road , some five KMTs away from Rajiv Chowk, NH 8, Gurgaon, present a dream home to each buyer. It may be mentioned here that such flats in the neighbou-hood with a price tag of Rs. 4500 / 5000 per Sq.ft. are being sold. The project has also a very close connectivity with the proposed Metro Line. The Metro station would be situated on a walking distance from the project.

With the social responsibility, human compassion and transparency have been the guiding axioms of the Tulip Infratech, customers may feel comfortable with the price tag as it is free from extra hidden charges which generally underlines other projects by many builders. The complex has adequate security systems for 24 hours, modern facilities such as gym, health club, swimming pool, jogging space, school for kids and above all the parking space for the vehicles of the residents.

Adequate space for greenery necessary to provide the occupants a healthy environment around their dwelling places has been a major attraction imbedded in the project. The establishment of a provision store inside the complex has also been adopted facilitating the occupants to fulfill their homes. Also, there is a Home Loan facility being provided to the prospective buyers. The interest on Loans has been fixed as per the norms of the RBI which takes care of the loan seeker’s interests. The most significant aspect related to the Tulip Infratech needs mention. It is the fifth project being launched here in Gurgaon. The inaugural project, Tulip Grand at Sonepat, Haryana, along with commercial project which were initiated some two and half years back are at the finishing stage. As was promised to the customers who opted for Tulip Grand, the units are ready and likely to deliver well in stipulated time frame. Thus the proposed Tulip White, Tulip Ivory project of houses will be delivered as being promised to the buyers.

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