Germany had organized an exhibition on Real estate with an intention to inviting global builders to promote realty in the country. Praveen Jain, a young managing director (MD) of Tulip Infratech Pvt Ltd visited the exhibition. A group of Indian builders also visited it. Some Indian builders had also put up their stalls to display progress in the realty sector in India.

“I went to Germany with a view to imbibe the new technological innovations introduced by German builders. To my dismay and astonishment, no better technological innovations are being introduced in developing condominium or villas by the German builders vis-a vis Indian builders, observed P Jain while dwelling on his experiences he got from Germany.

As the Euro-zone is struggling hard to emerge from the sovereign debt crisis, about half a dozen countries are engrossed in warding off debt menace. The collapse of Lehman financial system in us had led the global economic growth towards downward.

As such, the Euro-zone nations also become worst sufferers. It is going economic growth particularly in real sector suffered badly and investors fled fro the continent, Germany’s on-going growth in the region of moderately balanced not withstanding.

However, realty sector in India has fared well during 2008 to 2010. But then, the paralysis in framing policy by the government led the overall economic growth to feel the heal and led to inflation, rupee depreciation, escalating subsidies, increasing GDP deficit, flaying investors from India, etc may led India to experience stagflation if some- thing is not done to arrest the downward trend.

But hen, all is not lost in realty sector. The NCR particularly Gurgaon, Noida, Sonipat, etc remained hotbeds of realty sector. Big builders such as DLF, Ansal, Unitech, Tulip, etc are having maximum investors, brokers and end-users. The proximity of these places to the National Capital, Delhi has location advantage. Consequently, builders of these places have wide range of choice for the end-users. Brokers and investors. Among the ample projects developed to suit the life style of modern times by the builders are attracting wide range of persons of different social backgrounds.

Different social backgrounds.

The Tulip Group which is pursuing a bout ten projects in Gurgaon and sonepat has never felt the pangs of economic slowdown. “As we have been conscious enough to feel the necessity of demands, requirements and necessities of the land owners and end users. We have never betrayed them. On performing our basic duties in regard to provide houses to them with value added places. Value for money “has been our basic object which we are determined to hand over houses to them. In this way, we have established our image and spacious place in the Realty Sector,” a confident P Jain observed. A God fearing man subscribes to the Trust- Ship concept of Mahatma Gandhi. According to him everybody is a Trustee of the property one has acquired or earned and not the owner of it.
As of now, Tulip has established a branding of his company as customer friendly organization. As such hi have no hidden changes whenever he announces the launching of a new project. He hands over his built up houses under his projects on time. It is always in time which has emerged as his plus point. Investors, brokers and end-users always prefer Tulip than other builders.

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