Realty is safe Bet: Grab it?

The last three years eventing that proved detrimental not only for general business but for realty sector, it forced the developers to shun their on going projects. Their ambitious project initiated with focus on providing residences and contribute a bit in the development of commercial sites fell on bad days. A gloom perception was certainly created overpowering the Realty Sector as it had to bear with slow of projects which led to face litigation, growing inventory of unsold apartments, increasing debts, etc.

To ward off sluggishness in the Realty Sector, developers seem to rethink afresh and focus on the mid-income segment. Thus they had to shift their attention towards selling volumes to the needy and end-ushers by providing discounts on their price to improve sale. This ensued a scenario in which the buyers have a chance to grab some profitable property. Although, the prices almost remained the same, yet they gave competitively some concessions and discounts, which virtually resulted into the show down of prices.

When the US economy is struggling to recover and European nations indebted deeply are engaged in shedding off its bad-effects, our economy remained, to a greater extent, safe as compared to that of China.

Whereas, our economy is based on domestic market demands, Chinese economy is dependent on exports to US and European countries.

During the Last three/Four months the Indian mandarins are mulling of providing some cogent and reassuring measures to the industry and real estate with the determination to push the economic growth to realize a determined goal. SBI, may lower the interest rates to the loanees.

The real sector almost remained sluggish in cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolcatta, etc., it exhibited 34 percent growth rate in Gurgaon. “The real sector in Gurgaon is being guided by positive sentiments and as such it remained a hot business. FDI from both-natives and foreigners being competitively received for the promotion of the real sector. “It has been my personal experience that our dozen project initiated in Gurgaon last year have been very moral boosting. The display of high-end Ivory Villas samples to the general public evoked deep involvement and appreciations from the end-ushers and even investors, “disclosed the energetic and humanistic CMD of Tulip Infratech, Parveen Jain.

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