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Reality Sector Falling short of meeting Demands of Houses

In view of the rising requirement and equally surging the excitement of putting their hands on dwelling apartments by ever rising urban population that stands at present at 377 million, the real estate is searching its hassle-free way to augment its supple chain.

Whereas the realty sector stake holders are desperately echoing their voices to seek government’s feed back in terms of providing land on affordable prices, lowering of interest on house-loans, structuring an integrated master plan, for each urban development center, putting in transparency in all dealings leading to real estate transactions etc. the government and agencies hope the real sector steak-holders need to transfer a part of benefits to the agriculturists whose land is being acquired or inject him as a steak-holders in the entire housing business as a partner.

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» 2012 Press Releases
Realty is safe Bet: Grab it?

The last three years eventing that proved detrimental not only for general business but for realty sector, it forced the developers to shun their on going projects. Their ambitious project initiated with focus on providing residences and contribute a bit in the development of commercial sites fell on bad days. A gloom perception was certainly created overpowering the Realty Sector as it had to bear with slow of projects which led to face litigation, growing inventory of unsold apartments, increasing debts, etc.

To ward off sluggishness in the Realty Sector, developers seem to rethink afresh and focus on the mid-income segment. Thus they had to shift their attention towards selling volumes to the needy and end-ushers by providing discounts on their price to improve sale.

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The period preceding to the presentation of the Union budget for 2012-13, was marked by unusual enthusiasm and expectations. More so, the realty sector that is reeling under the heat of negative buyer’s sentiments was expected some boosting measures which disappointed the sector including buyer and investors by the Budget offerings. The non-descript and a bland tepid-consideration of the realty by this year’s Budget proposals has further deepened the heat around buyers, investors and realtors.

As a matter of fact, during the last four/five years, the housing and commercial sector have been in the doll-drums as the rising input costs, debts, finance crunch, buyer’s not-so positive sentiments, etc have been pushing the builders to abandon their on-going projects.

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GURGAON A HOT BED OF REALTY SECTOR:Germany had organized an exhibition on Real estate with an intention to inviting global builders to promote realty in the country. Praveen Jain, a young managing director (MD) of Tulip Infratech Pvt Ltd visited the exhibition. A group of Indian builders also visited it. Some Indian builders had also put up their stalls to display progress in the realty sector in India.

“I went to Germany with a view to imbibe the new technological innovations introduced by German builders. To my dismay and astonishment, no better technological innovations are being introduced in developing condominium.

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The fact that the Eastern part of Gurgaon has reached saturation point in the realty sector, its expansion on the Sohna road, particularly in the Badshapur area has emerged as a bright spot in the realty map. A number of renowned and celebrated builders have adopted the area for housing and commercial construction.

With the availability of land in abundance for the construction of residential and commercial development has attracted builders such an Ansal, Prasavnath, Tulip Infratech, etc who have transformed the geophysical structure of the area. The Master Plan 2025 for gurgaon/Badshapur has opened up vast opportunities for the builders for real estate development, resultantly, the realty sector activities have ensued a competition of high magnitude..

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» 2012 Press Releases
Sure enough, excellence is an attitude. And attitude will usually determine one`s altitude. The better the attitude, the greater the altitude.

Great success stories in business are scripted brick by brick, always with the right foundations in place. As the legendary Greek philosopher Plato famously quoted with the simplicity that one associates with a genius, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” In the world of business, excellence cannot be achieved, greatness cannot be acquired, credibility cannot be garnered, distinction cannot be attained, lives cannot be transformed, and the doors of prosperity cannot be unlocked, if the bricks and mortars, and the all-important foundation have not been laid out thoughtfully, and intelligently, right at the very beginning.

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